Speak-Up(Speech Writing and Delivery)

  • Entry Level:
    • Writing:
      • write speeches/essays "the SAT way" even in first grade
      • catch audience’s/readers’ attention within 7 seconds
      • craft essays/speeches more memorable
      • engage the audience with different learning styles creatively through effective word choices
      • create smooth transitions
      • organize thoughts with clear structure
    • Speech Delivery:
      • express voice effectively
      • use body language meaningfully


  • Intermediate and Advanced Level:
    • Evaluation Speech:
      • learn to take note with heart, mind, ears, and eyes
      • choose the important observations
      • follow guidelines to organize observations, analysis and advice to build up an evaluation speech
      • learn "how to talk so people will listen"
    • Impromptu Speech:
      • learn the six steps to deliver an original speech immediately without preparation
    • Informative Speech:
      • write and deliver speeches which describes, clarifies, illustrates or defines an object, idea, concept or process to inform or educate the audience
    • Persuasive Speech:
      • write and deliver speeches to inspire, reinforce or change the beliefs, attitudes, values or actions of the audience
    • Prose Interpretation:
      • learn the art of reading aloud to express thought through language recorded in sentences and paragraphs
    • Poetry Interpretation:
      • find, analyze and share a cutting from a piece or a rhyme through the art of reading aloud
      • express ideas, experiences or emotions through the creative arrangement of words according to their sound, rhythm and meaning
    • Dramatic Interpretation:
      • select, analyze and share a cutting from a play through the art of reading aloud


  • Advanced:
    • Extemporaneous Speech:
      • write and deliver speeches on a current event with a limited amount of preparation time
    • Congressional Debate (Student Congress, Legislative Debate):
      • learn to emulate United States Congress people by debating bills and resolutions
    • Public forum debate (crossfire debate, PF Debate, or PFD):
      • practice to argue a topic of national importance, typically one involving foreign or domestic policy.




I wanted to share with you that the feedback has been super positive about the Think and Speak Up Workshop. All the students found the workshop of super value and would recommend it for future cohorts. I would like to offer the same work shop every year to our second year graduate cohort.

Carrie. La Ferle, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies &Altshuler,

SMUDistinguished Teaching Professor


This program is educational. Despite the immense entertainment that comes with the class, it is even more abundant in productivity.    

Brandon F, Age 12


I enjoyed the way you taught us because it was fun to learn. I just wish I could stay longer.      
Naomi P. Age 11


The fun activities were helpful. You were awesome, funny and supportive! I had a blast!      
Monica A. Age 11


I had no idea that I would cure my shyness but also have lots of fun in Think and Speak Up! I learned how to make an impressive speech. I also learned how to read peoples body and eye language. We learned the proper way to stand and show gestures. I feel that I have improved a lot, but also helped me in school and places outside of the Think and Speak Up class. Ms. Lisa teaches everything we need to know about speech in the most fun way possible.      
Carolyn M., Age 11 



I learned many vital things in this class. Many of the things I learned are essential for the future and will prepare Chinese Americans for the mainstream community. Every activity in this class is interactive and exciting. Each activity is different and unique from each other. Even though the classes provide new concepts each time, Ms. Lisa always review the concepts past learned. The class is extremely different from other classes offered by DMCLS. This class is fun and interactive, but you also learn many things. Ms. Lisa is the best teacher ever. She thinks up unique activities each week and is entertaining. You will never be bored in her class. It is IMPOSSIBLE! Through Ms. Lisa’s meticulous teaching and efforts, I have seen my classmates and myself improve drastically. I will most certainly recommend this class to everyone I know.    
Andrew G. Age 13